Sunday, 8 January 2012

Listen, Feel, Taste, Smell, See.

Listen to the wind as it whispers it secrets. Listen to the ocean as it crashes in rhythm. Listen to the birds as they sing in mating. Listen to the leaves as they rustle in worship. Listen to animals as they howl in the moonlight. Listen to the world as it drifts by.
     Feel the sun as it heats your skin. Feel the earth as it shifts between your toes. Feel the breeze as it caresses your skin. Feel the rain as it beats in time. Feel the snow as it melts to a trickle. Feel the world as it takes you in.
     Taste the tangy ocean wind. Taste the sweet summer breeze and the fresh autumn wind. Taste the snow and rain as it falls on your tongue. Taste the world as it melts in your mouth.
      Smell the sweet fragrance of flowers. Smell the earthy dust of the desserts. Smell the salty ocean breeze. Smell the smoke of burning wood. Smell the moss on the tree branches. Smell the rain as it soaks into the earth. Smell the world as it fades away.
      See the sun rise and set. See the roaring waves and the bowing trees. See the sand storms and hurricanes. See the autumns leaves and the spring blossoms. See the tall grass as it sways. See the children as they laugh. See the people as they evolve. See the world as it grows old.